In far thoughts
Of the travel on Earth
A trip too tranquil
For perception

Gloomy retrospection
Of yester days
The brawny glittering
In salty outpour of sweat
Under the angry sun
Of which logs, In eyes
As little as a writer's pen
Sybraticity too full for a call
Panoramic sight
Of which then
He held my hands
While we far abraoad travelled
Threw me up the sky, giggling
Upon his return
Hewing obstruct of mine
Hold of metamorphosis
And now am a father of my father
Under the scorch and rest of sun
Has the flower dwindle and dandled

Years far gone
The earth swallowed
With him, belly fattened
And I laid a child of mine
Till a far call, I heed

"Is there anything where of it maybe said, this is new"
A rotary travel
And this inquisitive mind
at last is sojourn to rest
As I unify with epouch Bud of knowledge.