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Beyondships: The 11th portrait in Early Drawings by Valda is of the playwright and anti-Nazi leader Ernst Toller

mathildork: back on my ernst toller bullshit: if you remember my little spiel on "the paragraph in ernst toller" at the philly reading you'll know why this moment in the Book of Swallows is so crucial

mathildork: I will have two new chapbooks for sale soon, 1) ernst toller physical copies & 2) my first poetry chapbook trace happenings

yeetismurder: ngl if reverend ernst toller wants to lie down on someone and metaphorically transport thru various green screen backgrounds with them i'm right here

mathewkumar: [squeezes a gogurt tube into my apple juice] look daddy I'm Reverend Ernst Toller from Paul Shrader's First Reformed!!!

ins0p0r: [September 30th, 1919] Karlheinz Martin's production of "Transformation" (by Ernst Toller) in Berlin with Fritz Kortner as the war returnee, 30 September 1919 via /r/100yearsago

myetcetera: 'Regardless of how we fight, we must have the same goal before us--freeing mankind from lies and injustice.' --Ernst Toller, 1933.

mathildork: Friends, here it is:

Treeplex7: As a rule people are afraid of truth. Each truth we discover....destroys the crutches on which we used to lean. ~Ernst Toller

JoJoshinMe: History is the propaganda of the victors. -Ernst Toller An attack is launched on those who tread too near the truth intended to remain hidden.

23corneliastnyc: slowly turning into pastor ernst toller from forst reformed

villeneuveist: I'm going to become the Reverend Ernst Toller

FisherBurton: Best 2010s Film Introverts Nina Sayers-Black Swan Louis Bloom-Nightcrawler Brian Wilson-Love & Mercy Theodore Twombley-Her India Stoker-Stoker Brandon Sullivan-Shame Lee Jong-su-Burning Reynolds Woodcck-A Phantom Thread Emily Dickinson-A Quiet Passion Ernst Toller-First Reformed

mathildork: translating ernst toller on stolen time

wtfisapoet: Feeling completely torn open by these Ernst Toller sonnets translated by Mathilda Cullen

mathildork: "Time is a gray fog. It sits down in the pores of your boundless desire." - Ernst Toller, my forthcoming translation of The Book of Swallows

mathildork: Ernst Toller / my rough draft / Shitty translator who’s selling this shit for twenty dollars

mathildork: okay the most recent translator of Ernst Toller also translated a work bashing socialism??? also he likes to "blog the american constitution" so I can already say my translation will be better

giaonfilm: just had a bruh reverend ernst toller moment on main . . . . . . . anyways

MuckZuckerburg: Y now it's time for the Ernst Toller show starring Priyanka Chopra. Oh, hurl.

MuckZuckerburg: Match Game: Blank Ernst Toller. Ding, what's your answer? Mookie. a diarrhea-filled elephant: Poo. Buzz. Wrong, you lose. Next game.

goodjobliz: have never related to rev ernst toller than i do whenever the marvel discourse whirs back into life

QChimps: Ernst Toller – Most people have no imagination… “Most people have no imagination. If they could imagine the sufferings of others, they would not make them suffer so. What separated a German mother from a French mother?” -Ernst Toller More Famous Qu…

libshipwreck: “We warned the people, many of us; we gave repeated warnings over many years.” - Ernst Toller (1934) A reading list on understanding fascism. I look forward to the day that I can stop sharing this list:

fightmastermike: Why did it take me this long to read The Power and the Glory?!?!?! John Ames > Ernst Toller > The Whiskey Priest > Father Rodrigues. The name alone, The Whiskey Priest, is reason enough to read the book!

Leeninist: Initially, the Bavarian Soviet Republic was ruled by USPD members such as Ernst Toller, and anarchists like anarchist writer Gustav Landauer, Silvio Gesell, and playwright Erich Mühsam. Toller, who was also a playwright, described the it as the "Bavarian Revolution of Love".

iloveuthots: goodnight to pastor ernst toller only

RoRabz: Thread on Dachau & creeping fascism... plus another side of the town's history. It was where fighters from the Bavarian worker’s republic – led by poet/playwright Ernst Toller – defeated reactionary forces trying to crush the nascent revolution in 1919.

libshipwreck: “We warned the people, many of us; we gave repeated warnings over many years. But it is we who are to blame, because our voices were faint; we are terribly to blame.” - Ernst Toller (1934)

Zebastian_D: Humanity seeks in art the solution of various miseries and conflicts... Art is betrayed when the terrible story of humanity is misrepresented in insignificant niceties.-Ernst Toller

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Hear how two lovers boastingly contend ;
Like thee successful, such their bloomy youth,
Renown'd alike for gallantry and truth.


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