Yvonne Of Brittany Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


In your mother's apple orchardA
Just a year ago last springB
Do you remember YvonneC
The dear trees lavishingB
Rain of their starry blossomsD
To make you a coronetE
Do you ever remember YvonneC
As I remember yetE
In your mother's apple orchardA
When the world was left behindF
You were shy so shy YvonneC
But your eyes were calm and kindF
We spoke of the apple harvestG
When the cider press is setE
And such like trifles YvonneC
That doubtless you forgetE
In the still soft Breton twilightH
We were silent words were fewI
Till your mother came out chidingB
For the grass was bright with dewI
But I know your heart was beatingB
Like a fluttered frightened doveJ
Do you ever remember YvonneC
That first faint flush of loveJ
In the fulness of midsummerK
When the apple bloom was shedL
Oh brave was your surrenderK
Though shy the words you saidL
I was glad so glad YvonneC
To have led you home at lastM
Do you ever remember YvonneC
How swiftly the days passedM
In your mother's apple orchardA
It is grown too dark to strayN
There is none to chide you YvonneC
You are over far awayN
There is dew on your grave grass YvonneC
But your feet it shall not wetE
No you never remember YvonneC
And I shall soon forgetE

Ernest Dowson


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