Heed to the hidden phrase,
Whose rays travel far
Like the blazing sun in the voyage.

The old tongue screamed at the chirping birds,
"Kenibra isagbala, timi, tibi o iku koghan -
Why not dine in a plate, o little ones,
And heed to the grey words ?"

Life is a mystery,
Like the kabu - in the clime
Which says,
"Tobou ni, yin pebi bunua weibe, ukpo bunia fa -
Life is like a phrase."

The old voice echoes
To the ears of the deaf
And drop 'kabu' in the hall,
" Tin duba bira, ani, koboiko eferu pirimini."

The gray mind says,
"Heed to the hidden phrase,
O little ones
To mellow thy shrugging shoulders.