Hunger substitute for Bread and Butter
Drinking from a dirty cup
Is even now better
Suffer both Sweet and Bitter
Earnest means for survival

Smugglers,smuggling more coke for Dealers
Even Mouse now becomes Rulers,
Just to lick both Toes and Fingers
Compromises with both joy and Laughter
Who will save us from this Lies and Judas

Live to Have, Have to Live, To Have Lived in Honest is more better,
Ring the Bells, it time for me
Load Themselves with foreign Papers
But father and son still gelled together

I will make great,great,greater
Pledge made,like rushed prayer
If Cat is Caught, he calls the Rat
And if Rat is caught it goes to jail
heart broken, wild hungry voters

There are taps but drops of Waters
Midnight harvesters, Smooth talkers
Someone Very black and difficult
Until we are smashed and killed
Then I can wake up from my sleep