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Emma Thompson Books, Emma Thompson poetry book World War I Battlefields Authors: John Ruler, Emma Thomson
Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides
Published Date: 2014-03-01
Categories: History
"Thoroughly researched with practical information ranging from train routes and battlefield tours to museum details and regional maps this full-colour guidebook provides a window into the history of the Western Front and the stories of loss and heroism immortalised in memorials and cemeteries throughout the region"-- Back coer.

Emma Thompson Books, Emma Thompson poetry book Five Pioneer Robinson Families in Guernsey County, Ohio Authors: Mary Emma Robinson Barnes, Ross A. Robinson
Published Date: 1965
Categories: Guernsey County (Ohio)
Samuel Robinson moved from Washington County, Pennsylvania to Guernsey County, Ohio during or before 1816; descendants believe he was not related to the other four families. Descendants and relatives of the five Robinson families lived in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois Illinois, Iowa, New York, New Jersey and elsewhere.

Emma Thompson Books, Emma Thompson poetry book Creatures Authors: Emma Newman, Paul Meloy, Tade Thompson, Rose Biggin, Kaaron Warren
Publisher: Rebellion Publishing Ltd
Published Date: 2018-10-16
Categories: Fiction
Victor Frankenstein is the first to unlock the key to life, but not the last. Over two centuries of relentless advancement, five more minds find the secret, and five more creatures are made. Five more stories end in tragedy. From the stinking streets of 1850s London to the sun-drenched hysteria of a modern cruise liner, amidst passion, jealousy, art, obsession, desperation and war, Creatures is a hidden history of a forbidden science.

Emma Thompson Books, Emma Thompson poetry book Incredible English: 6: Teacher's Book Authors: Sarah Phillips, Nick Beare, Tamzin Thompson, Emma Watkins
Publisher: OUP Oxford
Published Date: 2012-09-20
Categories: Foreign Language Study
This updated course, now over seven levels, gives you even more brain-challenging activities and cross-curricular lessons. With new Online Practice, more opportunities for speaking and more Cambridge YLE Test practice, your class will learn Incredible English and more!

Emma Thompson Books, Emma Thompson poetry book Textiles Through the Ages Authors: Ruth Barnes, Emma Dick, Jon Thompson
Published Date: 2002
Categories: Art
This booklet is intended to illustrate the history of textiles and weaving through the centuries by bringing together some key objects from the Ashmolean Museum's many collections. The oldest objects tell us about the early history of the fibres used by weavers and how different textile techniques developed and spread in the ancient world. The later objects - not arranged in any strict sequence - show how textiles were used in society to indicate rank and status, and how they were transported from one culture to another, sometimes over great distances, to become both functional and luxury items, or occasionally exotic articles of high fashion.

Emma Thompson Books, Emma Thompson poetry book Clasping Hands with Generations Past Authors: Emma Rouse Lloyd
Published Date: 1932
Categories: African Americans
John Rouse emigrated from either the German Palatinate or Alsace. John lived a few years in Pennsylvania, and moved in 1717 to the colony in Virginia. Many of John Rouse's descendants are described, including the author, Emma Rouse Lloyd (1858-1932), who was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Emma married John Uri Lloyd, and had three children Historical and genealogical details are given for the ancestors and descendants of both Emma and John, who came mainly from England, Ireland, Germany, and Scotland. During the 1800s, some descendants and relatives lived in Arizona, California, Indiana, Kansas Territory, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia. Later descendants also lived Germany, Mexico, Samoa, South America, and in New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Texas, and elsewhere. Includes genealogical information about their emancipated slaves. Some had African American, and American Indian bloodlines.

Emma Thompson Books, Emma Thompson poetry book The Further Tales of Peter Rabbit Collection Authors: Emma Thompson
Publisher: Frederick Warne Publishers
Published Date: 2018-10-18
Categories: Children's stories
Peter Rabbit is back . . . and he's as mischievous and playful as ever. This charming collection draws together Emma Thompson's three new Peter Rabbit adventures- The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit, The Christmas Tale of Peter Rabbit,and The Spectacular Tale of Peter Rabbit. Full of adventure, life and charm, these new tales are a respectful addition to the legendary world of Beatrix Potter. Discover if Peter will find his way home from a great adventure; if he can outwit Mr. McGregor and save a Christmas turkey; and if he can enjoy all the fun of a spectacular fair. Lovingly-told and brimming with the playfulness and humour of Beatrix Potter's world, these three tales will delight fans of all ages. In a beautifully designed hardback with luxurious gilded edges, and Eleanor Taylor's delightful illustrations, this is a gift to treasure.

Emma Thompson Books, Emma Thompson poetry book Little Book of Love Authors: Emma Thomson, Helen E. Bailey
Publisher: Hodder Children's Books
Published Date: 2003-01-01
Categories: Children's stories
Felicity Wishes, the fairy for the twenty-first century, has a lot to say about love - a pefect gift for that special loved-one.

Emma Thompson Books, Emma Thompson poetry book The Spectacular Tale of Peter Rabbit Authors: Emma Thompson
Publisher: Penguin UK
Published Date: 2014-10-02
Categories: Juvenile Fiction
It was high summer and a travelling fun-fair had come to the village... Peter Rabbit and Benjamin were forbidden to attend. But even the best-behaved rabbit can't keep away from a fun-fair; and Peter is far from being the best-behaved rabbit. With Benjamin at his side, Peter sneaks into the fair where a roller-coaster ride of an adventure begins... When Peter finds himself scooped up by a rather grumpy little girl and separated from his cousin he is helpless and very afraid. It takes the determined bravery of Benjamin to rescue Peter from the frightening hurly-burly of shouting stallholders and whirling rides.

Emma Thompson Books, Emma Thompson poetry book Jane Austen's Sense & Sensibility Authors: Emma Thompson, Jane Austen
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Published Date: 1996
Categories: Motion picture plays
Winner of the 1996 Academy Award for Best Screenplay_

Emma Thompson Books, Emma Thompson poetry book The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit Authors: Emma Thompson
Publisher: Penguin UK
Published Date: 2012-09-06
Categories: Juvenile Fiction
In The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit, a new tale written by Emma Thompson, Peter's adventures take him beyond the boundaries of Mr McGregor's garden all the way to Scotland. Here he meets the gentle giant Finlay McBurney, a distant Scottish relative, and much entertainment ensues. Emma Thompson, Oscar-winning actress and screen writer, is a long time admirer of Beatrix Potter's tales. She has a talent for creating engaging narratives with a dry humour similar to Potter's own and is the perfect choice of author for this new Peter Rabbit tale, to be published 110 years after the original. Emma was inspired to set the tale in Scotland by her knowledge of Beatrix's childhood holidays there. This enhanced ebook edition of The Further Tale includes an audio reading by Emma Thompson, with highlighted words to follow that match the reading - a useful tool for beginner readers.

Emma Thompson Books, Emma Thompson poetry book No More Diapers Authors: Emma Thompson
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
Published Date: 1999-07
Categories: Juvenile Fiction
Betty Lou tells her doll about how she learned to use the potty.

Emma Thompson Books, Emma Thompson poetry book Animals A-Z Authors: Trevor E Coward, Emma Thompson
Publisher: Balboa Press
Published Date: 2015-09-15
Categories: Poetry
A journey around the world, looking at animals to color and poetry to amuse.

Emma Thompson Books, Emma Thompson poetry book Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang Authors: Emma Thompson
Publisher: A&C Black
Published Date: 2010-04-05
Categories: Juvenile Fiction
Nanny McPhee embarks on a brand new adventure in this brilliant, funny and captivating novel based on the new Nanny McPhee film. The Green family is trying to survive the war in their house in the country, but unfortunately they are not out of harm's way. A wicked uncle is intent on getting his hands on the family fortune and the children miss their father who is away fighting who knows where, and then their horrible cousins arrive! Life is not easy in the Green household . . . Thank heavens for Nanny McPhee!

Emma Thompson Books, Emma Thompson poetry book Friendship and Fairyschool Authors: Emma Thomson
Publisher: Hodder Children's Books
Published Date: 2007
Categories: Fairies
It's nearly the end of school for Felicity Wishes and all her friends know exactly what kind of fairies they want to be when they grow up - but poor Felicity does not have a clue! It takes all her friends to point out that she has some very special qualities.

Emma Thompson Books, Emma Thompson poetry book Nanny McPhee Returns Authors: Emma Thompson
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Published Date: 2010-07-20
Categories: Juvenile Fiction
In wartime England, the two very spoiled Gray children are being sent to stay in the country with their very numerous and ill-behaved cousins, the Greens. Enter Nanny McPhee, who discovers that Mrs. Green and the children are fighting another war altogether-against scheming relatives intent on taking their farm while Mr. Green is off fighting in the war. Nanny McPhee must use her magic to teach her mischievous charges five new lessons, or losing the farm will be the least of their problems... Look for the first exciting book in this series: Nanny McPhee!

Emma Thompson Books, Emma Thompson poetry book The Christmas Tale of Peter Rabbit Authors: Emma Thompson
Publisher: Penguin UK
Published Date: 2013-11-14
Categories: Juvenile Fiction
The Christmas Tale of Peter Rabbit is a brand new tale from Emma Thompson. In her second Further Tale of Peter Rabbit, Emma Thompson returns Peter to his home in the Lake District. Peter and his silly cousin Benjamin are helping their friend William - a turkey - who is in danger of becoming Mr and Mrs McGregor's Christmas dinner. Will Peter and Benjamin be able to save him? This eBook edition features wonderful audio including a reading by Emma Thompson. Emma Thompson is an Oscar-winning screenwriter and actress who lives in London and Argyll. Emma's Further Tale of Peter Rabbit was published in 2012. Emma said, "I've always loved Beatrix Potter, as a child and then as a mother and all the years in-between as well. When Mr Rabbit invited me to write a further tale, I was more honoured than I can say. I hope I don't let him or his extraordinary creator down." Don't miss The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit by Emma Thompson

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