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artrysselberghe: Portrait of Emile Verhaeren, 1892

JanTheuninck: Charter for Compassion with Jan Theuninck, Frans Masereel and Emile Verhaeren.

Book_Addict: Happy birthday to Belgian poet and playwright Emile Verhaeren (May 21, 1855), author of "Les ailes rouges de la guerre" (1916) et al.

urminaia: BD - Emile Verhaeren. "I love things that are absurd, useless, impossible, frantic, excessive, and intense, because they provoke me, because I feel them like thorns in my flesh."

TheArtCouch_com: Michael Bastow ontmoet Emile Verhaeren in Sint-Amands

IsiOrejas: On page 175 of 398 of Las horas, by Emile Verhaeren

IsiOrejas: On page 140 of 398 of Las horas, by Emile Verhaeren

IsiOrejas: On page 50 of 398 of Las horas, by Emile Verhaeren

Apollo_magazine: The poet Émile Verhaeren compared looking at Fernand Khnopff's paintings to peering through 'disconcerting veils'

MachImagery: The dawn is dressed in blossom and in dew, And chequered too With very tender light-it looks as though Frail plumes...

FelwaAlhudaithy: "Lakes of red roses, here, in the snow." Émile Verhaeren, from The Evenings: Poems; "Fatal Flower," c. 1887

trsgrob: Will I finally be alone with the sea? Will I finally be alone with my heart?" - Émile Verhaeren, from The Black Tor...

cambionnn: "I am the one who fears nothing and from whom no one abstains. I am the final temptress. I am beautiful as death. I...

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