Wanted--a Little Girl Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Where have they gone to the little girlsA
With natural manners and natural curlsA
Who love their dollies and like their toysB
And talk of something besides the boysB
Little old women in plenty I findC
Mature in manners and old of mindC
Little old flirts who talk of their 'beaux '-
And vie with each other in stylish clothesD
Little old belles who at nine and tenE
Are sick of pleasure and tired of menE
Weary of travel of balls of funF
And find no new thing under the sunF
Once in the beautiful long agoG
Some dear little children I used to knowG
Girls who were merry as lambs at playH
And laughed and rollicked the livelong dayH
They thought not at all of the 'style' of their clothesD
They never imagined that boys were 'beaux'D
'Other girls' brothers' and 'mates' were theyH
Splendid fellows to help them playH
Where have they gone to If you seeD
One of them anywhere send her to meD
I would give a medal of purest goldI
To one of those dear little girls of oldI
With an innocent heart and an open smileJ
Who knows not the meaning of 'flirt' or 'style '-

Ella Wheeler Wilcox


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