There's Work To Be Done Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


'Tis the song of the morningA
The words of the sunB
As he swings o'er the mountainsC
'There's work to be doneB
I must wake up the sleepersD
And banish the nightE
I must paint up the heavensC
Tuck the stars out of sightE
'Dry the dew on the meadowsF
Put warmth in the airG
Chase the fog from the lowlandsH
Stay gloom everywhereG
No pausing no restingA
There's work to be doneB
It is upward and onwardI
Still on ' says the sunB
'Tis the song of our soldiersD
Who bravely march onJ
'There are souls to be gatheredI
There's work to be doneB
We must wake up the sleepersD
And teach them to thinkK
We must paint in full horrorsD
The breakers of drinkK
'Dry the tears of the mournersD
Put the cups out of sightE
And Eastward and WestwardI
Proclaim 'There is light '-
'Tis the Marseillaise of ProgressL
There's work to be done '-
The song of our soldiersD
The song of the sunB

Ella Wheeler Wilcox


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