The Story Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


They met each other in the gladeA
She lifted up her eyesB
Alack the day Alack the maidA
She blushed in swift surpriseB
Alas alas the woe that comes from lifting up the eyesB
The pail was full the path was steepC
He reached to her his handD
She felt her warm young pulses leapC
But did not understandD
Alas alas the woe that comes from clasping hand with handD
She sat beside him in the woodE
He wooed with words and sighsB
Ah love in Spring seems sweet and goodE
And maidens are not wiseB
Alas alas the woe that comes from listing lovers sighsB
The summer sun shone fairly downF
The wind blew from the southG
As blue eyes gazed in eyes of brownF
His kiss fell on her mouthG
Alas alas the woe that comes from kisses on the mouthG
And now the autumn time is nearH
The lover roves awayI
With breaking heart and falling tearJ
She sits the livelong dayI
Alas alas for breaking hearts when lovers rove awayI

Ella Wheeler Wilcox


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