The Christian's New Year Prayer Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Thou Christ of mine Thy gracious ear low bendingA
Through these glad New Year daysB
To catch the countless prayers to heaven ascendingA
For e'en hard hearts do raiseB
Some secret wish for fame or gold or powerC
Or freedom from all careD
Dear patient Christ who listeneth hour on hourC
Hear now a Christian's prayerD
Let this young year that silent walks beside meE
Be as a means of graceF
To lead me up no matter what betide meE
Nearer the Master's faceF
If it need be that ere I reach the FountainG
Where living waters playH
My feet should bleed from sharp stones on the mountainG
Then cast them in my wayH
If my vain soul needs blows and bitter lossesI
To shape it for Thy crownJ
Then bruise it burn it burden it with crossesK
With sorrows bear it downJ
Do what Thou wilt to mould me to Thy pleasureC
And if I should complainL
Heap full of anguish yet another measureC
Until I smile at painL
Send dangers deaths but tell me how to dare themM
Enfold me in Thy careD
Send trials tears but give me strength to bear themM
This is a Christian's prayerD

Ella Wheeler Wilcox


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