Respite Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The mighty conflict which we call existenceA
Doth wear upon the body and the soulB
Our vital forces wasted in resistanceA
So much there is to conquer and controlB
The rock which meets the billows with defianceA
Undaunted and unshaken day by dayC
In spite of its unyielding self relianceA
Is by the warfare surely worn awayC
And there are depths and heights of strong emotionsD
That surge at times within the human breastE
More fierce than all the tides of all the oceansD
Which sweep on ever in divine unrestE
I sometimes think the rock worn with adventuresF
And sad with thoughts of conflicts yet to beG
Must envy the frail reed which no one censuresF
When overcome 'tis swallowed by the seaF
This life is all resistance and repressionH
Dear God if in that other world unseenI
Not rest we find but new life and progressionH
Grant us a respite in the grave betweenI

Ella Wheeler Wilcox


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