Life Is Love Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Is anyone sad in the world I wonderA
Does anyone weep on a day like thisB
With the sun above and the green earth underA
Why what is life but a dream of blissB
With the sun and the skies and the birds above meC
Birds that sing as they wheel and flyD
With the winds to follow and say they loved meC
Who could be lonely O ho not ID
Somebody said in the street this morningE
As I opened my window to let in the lightF
That the darkest day of the world was dawningE
But I looked and the East was a gorgeous sightF
One who claims that he knows about itG
Tells me the Earth is a vale of sinH
But I and the bees and the birds we doubt itG
And think it a world worth living inH
Someone says that hearts are fickleI
That love is sorrow that life is careJ
And the reaper Death with his shining sickleI
Gathers whatever is bright and fairJ
I told the thrush and we laughed togetherA
Laughed till the woods were all a ringE
And he said to me as he plumed each featherA
Well people must croak if they cannot singE
Up he flew but his song remainingE
Rang like a bell in my heart all dayK
And silenced the voices of weak complainingE
That pipe like insects along the wayK
O world of light and O world of beautyC
Where are there pleasures so sweet as thineL
Yes life is love and love is dutyC
And what heart sorrows O no not mineL

Ella Wheeler Wilcox


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