He Will Not Come Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Take out the blossom in your hair abloomA
No more it seemeth beautiful or brightB
And sickening is its subtly sweet perfumeA
He will not come to nightB
Take off the necklace with its sparkling gemC
And rings that glow and glitter in the lightB
And fling them in the case that waits for themC
He will not come to nightB
Take off the robe a little while agoD
You chose to make you fairer in his sightB
'Tis ten o'clock So late you can but knowD
He will not come to nightB
He will not come God grant you strength and graceE
For never more upon your mortal sightB
Shall dawn a glimpse of that beloved faceE
That did not come to nightB
He will not come And through the shadowed yearsF
The perfume of that blossom that you woreG
Shall stir the fount of salt and bitter tearsH
For one who comes no moreG

Ella Wheeler Wilcox


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