Battle Hymn Of The Women Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


They are waking they are wakingA
In the east and in the westB
They are throwing wide their windows to the sunC
And they see the dawn is breakingA
And they quiver with unrestB
For they know their work is waiting to be doneC
They are waking in the cityD
They are waking on the farmE
They are waking in the boudoir and the millF
And their hearts are full of pityD
As they sound the loud alarmE
For the sleepers who in darkness slumber stillF
In the guarded harem prisonC
Where they smother under veilsG
And all echoes of the world are walled awayH
Though the sun has not yet risenC
Yet the ancient darkness palesG
And the sleepers in their slumber dream of dayH
And their dream shall grow in splendourI
Till each sleeper wakes and stirsJ
Till she breaks from old traditions and is freeI
And the world shall rise and renderI
Unto woman what is hersJ
As it welcomes in the race that is to beI
Unto woman God the MakerI
Gave the secret of His planK
It is written out in cipher on her soulL
From the darkness you must take herI
To the light of day O manK
Would you know the mighty meaning of the scrollL

Ella Wheeler Wilcox


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