Arise Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Why sit ye idly dreaming all the dayA
While the golden precious hours flit awayA
See you not the day is waning waning fastB
That the morn's already vanished in the pastB
When the glowing noon approaches we will restC
Who have worked through all the morning but at bestC
If you work with zeal and ardor till the nightD
You can only make the wasted moments rightD
Think you life was made for dreaming nothing moreE
When God's work lies all unfinished at your doorE
Souls to save and hearts to strengthen ah such workF
Such a richly freighted labor who would shirkF
Then arise O idle dreamer Dreams are sweetG
But better flowers are growing at your feetG
If you crush or pass unheeding idle friendH
You shall answer for their ruin in the endH

Ella Wheeler Wilcox


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