Anaphora Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Each day with so much ceremonyA
begins with birds with bellsB
with whistles from a factoryA
such white gold skies our eyesC
first open on such brilliant wallsD
that for a moment we wonderE
'Where is the music coming from the energyA
The day was meant for what ineffable creatureE
we must have missed ' Oh promptly heA
appears and takes his earthly natureE
instantly instantly fallsD
victim of long intrigueF
assuming memory and mortalG
mortal fatigueF
More slowly falling into sightH
and showering into stippled facesI
darkening condensing all his lightH
in spite of all the dreamingJ
squandered upon him with that lookK
suffers our uses and abusesL
sinks through the drift of bodiesM
sinks through the drift of classesI
to evening to the beggar in the parkN
who weary without lamp or bookK
prepares stupendous studiesM
the fiery eventO
of every day in endlessP
endless assentO

Elizabeth Bishop


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