I promise to you
That I'll always be in your lives
I don't care if how situation are
But I'll always be in your lives

If your lives are in risk
I'll do anything to save you
I don't care how raging
Or how gun blazing are
But for you I'll stand in front of those guns
Just to protect you
And even there's a raging rains or thunder
I promise that I'll be always there just to keep y'all safe
To me you're ain't juss a child
You're my little pretty world
So for you I can do anything

If I have to do bad things
To be in your lives
I'll do it because you're worth everything
And I promise to give you everything I had

And sometimes I'll not have everything in the world
But then I promise I'll make y'all live a good life
Life with no stragglings
Yeah I know I'm not a perfect person
But I'll try my best just
To be the best father
And I'll always be there in every step you take just to give y'all the support you need.