All things were perfectly created by Him
Beautiful in His own eyes
Commanded them to have
Dominion and replenish the earth
Empower them through His works
For the sake of the Gospel
Glory smiled on humanity
Holding onto the truth of His Sonship
Inspiring many hearts to righteousness
Jesus, the way, the truth and life
Knowing His purpose for all humanity
Leading the disciples with wisdom
Mentoring them in the missionary journey
Nurturing their souls for selfless service
Opening their hearts to the things of the spirit
Proclaiming the gospel to all nations
Questioning the powers of darkness
Squashing and casting them to the abyse
Temptation and trails pushing hard
Under the canopy of 'who are you?'
Vehemently the disciples conquer them
Worship and praise permeate the air
X-raying the power in His name
Yielding to the faith
Zealously doing His will.