An empty void, one without meaning
Walls and bridges becomes too high a climb,
When friends are bought by flashes of gold and silver
When smiles are won only by pockets laden of all that glitters
But moments of upturn and storm brushes them aside as if they were never there.

A friend indeed, a rare to find,
Show me a heart too willing to share a smile amidst the thorns and bruises of life,
I say a heart so willing to let a shoulder on when fire rages and burns as fate may attract,
The eyes that beholds the up and down of your moments of lowliness
Embrace that for such is true friend indeed.

He is a friend indeed when hands are stretched, reaching out to pull you on,
When steps are unsteady, whole being about to plunge down down the rivers of shame,
He hangs on when all have hung out, crashing all hopes on you.
Hang on for that's one true friend indeed.

I am what friend is to me,
For there's no one true friend if I am no true of mine,
Happiness is but an illusion if I not first happy with oneself
For one may not give that which one never radiates
So if I do friends, then I must first, love self
And loves that which mold me into being.
It's then and only then can l be one true self and a friend indeed to another.