Strawberries Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


There were never strawberriesA
like the ones we hadB
that sultry afternoonC
sitting on the stepD
of the open french windowE
facing each otherF
your knees held in mineG
the blue plates in our lapsH
the strawberries glisteningI
in the hot sunlightJ
we dipped them in sugarF
looking at each otherF
not hurrying the feastK
for one to comeL
the empty platesM
laid on the stone togetherF
with the two forks crossedN
and I bent towards youO
sweet in that airP
in my armsQ
abandoned like a childR
from your eager mouthS
the taste of strawberriesA
in my memoryT
lean back againU
let me love youO
let the sun beatV
on our forgetfulnessA
one hour of allW
the heat intenseA
and summer lightningI
on the Kilpatrick hillsA
let the storm wash the platesA

Edwin Morgan


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