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nocklett: Edward Norton should play a young Walt Disney if they ever film a biopic

young_edward: You may be sought after today. With the Moon moving into your ... More for Pisces

Idareyou2bemore: "Too low they build, who build beneath the stars." Edward Young

stephen_wigmore: Student Loans are intended to be a 30-year tax on graduates. The farcical RPI uplift is just to make it near-impossible to pay them off earlier. A way of hiding the fact a young grad on £30k is paying a 42% tax rate, while an older pensioner on £50k is paying 20%.

Arwenstar: People are dying. Suddenly. No warning. The young. Youngish. The fit. The healthy. And nobody around them - family or friends - expresses anything but shock and sadness. No questions. No rage. Nothing. It’s so f*cking odd. And wrong.

edward_galle: The Metaverse: What Does It Mean for Your Business? -

AUF2020: "On every thorn, delightful wisdom grows, In every rill a sweet instruction flows. " Edward Young

ElliottJMR: Movies that I'll watch 100 times and still love: Clueless Young Frankenstein The Green Knight 28 Days Later Edward Scissorhands Fargo Pride & Prejudice (Keira version) Scream All About Eve

CheriBeasleyNC: I raised my twin sons with my husband Curt here in North Carolina, in a home steeped in faith. During my first campaign for district court judge, my opponents said a young mom couldn’t win. So I put my twins in a stroller and went door-to-door. I won that race by 30 points.

mkraju: Asked Kevin McCarthy about Madison Cawthorn’s loss, and he said: “I want to help him. He had some issues but he's young and so you don't wish somebody ill … I want to help him, I brought him in, I still want to help him. He’s young. His career’s not over.”

ThomasSowell: One of the bittersweet things about growing old is realizing how mistaken you were when you were young. As a young political leftist, I saw the left as the voice of the common man. Nothing could be further from the truth.

JosinMcQuein: Back before the movies came out, when the books were at the height of popularity, I saw the incarnation of Edward Cullen in a Target. Kid had no idea he was being stalked by a kite's tail of giddy tweens/young teens. If he'd spritzed on some body glitter, they'd have fainted.

OrgWellness: Procrastination is the thief of time ~ Edward Young


PaschTagRachel: If she was never faced with the choice of choosing between Team Edward or Team Jacob she’s too young for you bro

bindelj: I am in touch with the young woman who was bullied out of her 6th form school. She considers that she is being bullied by Owen Jones as well. Nice journalism, much?

asvinpa: Remember today Corporal Douglas Edward Lohmeyer. He is a hero who gave his young life for our Country. Thank you Douglas for your courageous service and ultimate sacrifice. RIP

GuidoFawkes: Sir Edward Leigh Reminds Rishi About Bush & Major’s Recession Tax Rises

deloreana85: Nothing occurred very genteel young friends will not even mentioned it is nothing of Edward will my accepting it.

isamar_mercedez: School, young stop using that word.”Edward swung around and ؟? سےفے نمشے

Edward_Morgan: Happy alone: the young South Koreans embracing single life

muppetscrump: Okay maybe im insane but hear me out: as edward ages the fat controller purchases a new (modern-ish) small engine to be edward's successor and the engine is super excited to run a branchline and edward is like you have .much to learn young one. and its good. and not bad

gabbithefirst: Bella seeing herself as an old lady next to a young Edward slaps.

hekint: In Pale Horse, Pale Rider, KatherineAnnePorter weaves the horrors of the Great War, the 1918 influenza pandemic, and the near-death experience of a young woman in love with a doomed American soldier into a memorable novella.

35mmSlides: Edward Curtis “Young Woman” Flathead Native American Photo 35mm Art Slide

Art4Brains: Mezzotint Chevy Chase 1814 John Young (engr.) Edward Bird

EarlAlois_T: (Referring to Ciel) "I'm strict with him because he is my relative. But I respect him as a man for the way he is able to manage his household at such a young age." - Edward Midford -

young_edward: Bringing your life into alignment with your goals is possible ... More for Pisces

GROWellbeingCIC: We began two programmes for refugees which will run for the next 10 weeks. Delivering a course for young men, focusing on bushcraft skills at Bidston Hill. The second course is for families and focuses on growing and gardening at our allotment site Edward Kemp Community Garden.

edward_galle: New Research Confirms Young Employees Hate Remote Work. 5 Ways Leaders Can Make It Less Bad  -

SEFFLisnaskea: Tragically Edward’s wife's baby was tragically stillborn after his death Edward had gone into Dublin City Centre with his 2 young sons to have their hair cut. Edward Jnr was severely injured; those injuries (both physical & psychological) are with him to this day. ...

latemiddleage: The young Richard II, Edward's grandson, experienced political and economic difficulties, many of which sprang from the Black Death, such as the Peasants' Revolt that erupted in the south of England in 1381.

trine777: Myself when young did eagerly frequent Doctor and Saint And heard great argument About it and about: But evermore came out By the same door as in I went. ~~Edward Fitzgerald [Omar Khayyam]

TheAwardsPeople: We're proud to support Edward Cooper Young Chartered Surveyors - read their case study with us here

rainshux: Edward Ferrars myself, or any young man, of the church, as he is most satisfactory way; and laying any one reserved who could

young_edward: You could be a bit emotional about your beliefs today -- poten... More for Pisces

FocusMV100M: WE LOVE MUNAWAR FARUQUI “Friendship’s the wine of life.” — Edward Young, Night Thoughts

NelsonRussellM: What a blessing it was for my wife Wendy and me to be with our beloved and amazing young adults at yesterday's Worldwide Devotional. I reiterate what I said to you last night: I love you. I believe in you.

omwanza: This young man represents hope and the future, of his family, clan from deep crevices of Turkana county. Education is the equaliser of men. Pray for his success in life.

ATLUncensored: At the age of 24, Atlanta rapper and Young Thug protégé Raqhid Render known as “Lil Keed” died from liver failure. Inside sources reported that he overdosed on promethazine with codeine aka “lean,” with his brother Semaja aka “Lil Gotit” in the near vicinity. (1/2)

ann_phillis: My will is at same solicitors as my Father , my Father Edward rewrote his Will In 2019 , I have no plans of dying young or killed young , etc , solicitors in Fitzroy St Tamworth near court house laughed because I written my Will in 2015

NextOnTCM: CROSSFIRE (1947) Robert Young, Robert Mitchum, Robert Ryan. Dir: Edward Dmytryk 12:00 PM ET A crusading district attorney investigates the murder of a Jewish man. 1h 25m | Suspense/Mystery | TV-PG

LukeEdwardsTele: What a brave and inspirational young man. Love and solidarity Jake. I hope others now feel they are able to follow your lead. Well handled by his club too.

ncaresano: Las ilustraciones de William Blake a los "Nitght-Thoughts" de Edward Young.

W6KSR: In the episode, Ponch and Hot Dog (bitter contract dispute; Jon is long gone) help a young boy get a life-saving operation. The boy is a space geek and a CBer. He uses his handheld CB to hitchhike to Edward's Air Force base so he can view an early STS landing. 2/4

UncleBobsPilot: Check out The Stranger (DVD, 2002) Orson Welles, Loretta Young, Edward G Robinson

SamsonKasumba: This team is too young to cope with pressure at this stage. We are asking too much of it. You just have to be honest with a team and it's ability not potential. Let's keep the project going. They have done so well already to be in this place. More experienced players faded. Bravo

LeatherBootlace: "PUFFING BILLY IT'S COLD OUT!!!" Edward scoffed. "Watch your smoker there, 105. It's ill befitting young engines to speak that way." "Doesn't change the fact it's below zero out here!" Thomas huffed. "Cinders and Ashes, My tanks feel like an ice tub."

maIpaisIegate: No, not then. Back then he was just Edward. Smart man. Young, but we all were. We thought we could hike into the Grand Canyon and talk to Blackfoots.

Vote4AnnMarie: I stand with desperate husbands, wives, families and partners who choose to save their pregnant loved ones. I stand with tearful people who go home to empty nurseries. I stand with those who have miscarried. I stand with those too young.

MartinLandray: And most poignant of all, this memorial to Edward Horner, an only son, who died in WW1. A beautiful tribute that speaks of love and tragedy. He transferred to fight on the front line - twice. A young life lost. A family heartbroken. Too common a story.

ill_carl_: Edward!" "Why did not been my side, by saying, "I am sure--some dreadful low-spirited when the excellence of the young nor

NBAMemes: Name a fairer trade than the Luka Doncic-Trae Young deal

B52Malmet: Say their names, Celestine Chaney -went to buy strawberries to make a shortcake. Single mother, breast cancer survivor. Roberta Drury- recently helping her brother recover from a bone marrow transplant. Pearly Young, ran a weekly food pantry. Deacon Heyward “Tenny” Patterson.

35mmSlides: Edward Curtis “Young Man” Yakima Native American Photo 35mm Art Slide

1gre_bot: Too low they build, who build beneath the stars. - Edward Young

RedSherile: Friendship is the wine of life. -Edward Young CHILLAX JAM WITH ANJI

keristars: The Gang's All Here is a color movie with Edward Everett Horton and Charlotte Greenwood as a married couple, and tbh i don't care a whit for the young people plot, just give me more scenes about them. (separately or together)

35mmSlides: Edward Curtis “Young Woman” Cheyenne Native American Photo 35mm Art Slide

maIpaisIegate: No, not then. Back then he was just Edward. Smart man. Young, but we all were. We thought we could hike into the Grand Canyon and talk to Blackfoots.

cherryflavrs: primal fear is so predictable and boring but young edward norton is hot so kino

swilkinsonbc: Israeli troops shoot 19yr-old Palestinian boy in the head but deny him critical medical treatment for 3hrs: Hamza Abed is now on life support

ARTandHUE: On this day in 1966, British sci-fi film "Invasion", starring Edward Judd, Yoko Tani, Tsai Chin, & Ric Young, opened at the ABC Lime Street cinema in Liverpool.

Riyawitter: When I was young and not at all interested in riding a motorbike, my mum used to insist on me by saying, you do bicycle you'll learn it too. In Psychology, there is a concept called transfer of learning given by American psychologists Edward Thorndike & Robert Woodworth.

young_edward: Routine conversations with the people around you could turn un... More for Pisces

BenBrowning3: William Saliba’s latest loan spell came to an end tonight 51 appearances 20 Clean sheets 3 Marseilles player of the month awards Nominated for Ligue 1 young player of the season France senior debut Safe to say his loan served its purpose.

rainshux: Edward Ferrars look for her, promising young man, whose heart at all joined them to drive myself indifferent person."

JournalPEI: Union Road fire in P.E.I. displaces young family of five | SaltWire

i_edward: “We’re coming” young Grizzlies promise after semifinal loss

SaltWireNetwork: Union Road fire in P.E.I. displaces young family of five | SaltWire

WomenOfRadio: McMillan broke into network radio when her mother wrote a letter to Edward G. Robinson who hired the young girl for a radio program. McMillan quickly was in demand and appeared on a number of programs. Her big break came in 1948 when she was cast in the classic Our Miss Brooks. 2

daddyhope: Let this sink into all young people who are not registered to vote! 6kgs of this rump steak is Z$42,756, 10kgs is Z$72,260. Junior doctors earn Z$35,000 meaning that their full salary won’t even buy them 5kgs of rump steak. The economy has been destroyed, you are being fed LIES

JournalPEI: New Maritime basketball league will allow elite women to keep playing, inspire young girls | SaltWire

KimIversenShow: Finland- the unexpected cause of the 3rd World War. This isn’t about Finland’s defense, this is about NATO Nuclear equipped bases on Russia’s border. Russia won’t tolerate it. Their young PM can’t seem to understand this and has put Finland at risk.

DanialDramatica: Edward had no other hand, looking young ladies, especially of his hours passed away through your picture round the commission

mkainerugaba: Me with my young uncle, Nzeire, we used to look after Mzee Amos's cows together when we were kids. Maybe that's why we became great friends!

phillyepic: Join us Friday May 20 at noon for a CBH Lunch & Learn with Dr. Edward Brodkin on "Young Adults on the Autism Spectrum." Register here:

KevinHSharp: “The consequences of federal Indian boarding school policies — including the intergenerational trauma… inflicted upon generations of children as young as 4 years old — are heartbreaking and undeniable”. Leonard Peltier was kidnapped at 9, his sister was 6

young_edward: Your patience for small talk might be limited today. As you po... More for Pisces

RusHeritageUK: Edward Lear also wrote about an Old Person of Tartary and an Old Man of Kamchatka. One of the translators of the Young Lady of Russia was Vladimir Nabokov who however resettled her to Krakow

ncsayouth: Co founder and CEO of Ueducate Africa, Edward Tatchim speaking about how young leaders can use their leadership roles to wield influence within their communities.

Christi10132928: Edward’s ‘festival-style’ celebration in Palace garden for 12,000 young people

GeorgeTakei: I don’t know how to say it more clearly, but to young people especially: If you don’t vote this November, you might not have a country left in which you can ever truly be free again.

panzenella: So, so close to realizing something....

deloreana85: Here too, and more to marry Edward as this morning--I have the party, like almost shook his sisters I know young ladies can

young_edward: A sense of financial abundance may comfort you at the moment, ... More for Pisces

EarlAlois_T: (Referring to Ciel) "I'm strict with him because he is my relative. But I respect him as a man for the way he is able to manage his household at such a young age." - Edward Midford -

DrMattBinnicker: 14) Many questions remain, most importantly: “Does prior COVID-19 exposure/infection, along with infection by a common virus (ie, adenovirus) lead to increased risk of hepatitis in young children?

nah_b__: Alternative title suggestion: healthy young adults on PEI lived as if they had basic human compassion for their loved ones and community while recognizing that capitalism is why we are still in this mess over 2 years later

IsabelVasques7: Young Woman Looking Through a Window-Edward Cucuel

KwizkingAnthony: Edward G. Robinson & Loretta Young

young_edward: Making an intentional effort to focus on rational, clear commu... More for Pisces

_SPACEBAR: Yall used my tax dollars to arrest young thug?

edward_melia: Old Mice 'Rejuvenated' With Injections of Brain Fluid From The Young

SBA_Buffalo: SBA Buffalo Young Entrepreneur of the Year – Nathan Edward Mroz. This award recognizes entrepreneurs who, as members of the local small business ecosystem under the age of 30, have significant capacity to not only start, but also grow and expand. Congratulations Nathan!

maIpaisIegate: No, not then. Back then he was just Edward. Smart man. Young, but we all were. We thought we could hike into the Grand Canyon and talk to Blackfoots.

osagie1966: Edward’s ‘festival-style’ celebration in Palace garden for 12,000 young people

StefanDz11: Magnificent U.S. edition with an Edward Gorey cover. "The Swords." "The Hospice." "Pages from a Young Girl's Journal." And much more. For god's sake, what's not to love?

EdwardWilliam07: being backhanded to the point of a black and blue right side of the face Edward William what are you and nico doiby having intercourae you are both too young to be doing such then was told to stick up for self against Andrew Sicotte and backhanded he to the point of a bloody nose

sandibachom: Republicans just voted to legalize rape with children. I can't believe I'm writing this. They are in for a HUGE surprise when the young people rise up like we did, and we didn't have iphones

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