Edward Smyth Jones Live Poems

  • 1.
    To a violet that faded on my coat at Natchez, Miss. March 8th, 1902.

    Alas! thou lovely floweret wee,
  • 2.
    While I keep my lonely hall,
    You are welcome one and all,
    As I sing my little song;
    Stay, I'll cheer you all day long -
  • 3.
    Flag of the free, our sable sires
    Have borne thee oft before
    Into hot battles' hell-lit fires,
    Against the fiercest foe.
  • 4.
    TO D. M. M.

    Greeks once sang a lovely song
  • 5.
    Aye! many a rhyme my pen has flown,
    In oblivion, all unknown;
    Still many more, perchance, I say,
    Float on in one unbroken lay -
  • 6.
    TO A. B. B.

    Thou art, fair maid, the Morning Star,
  • 7.
    Were I a bird free born to fly
    Aloof on two wee, downy wings,
    My canopy would be the sky
    When rosy morn its dawning springs.
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