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  • The Violin
    Thrice hail the still unconquered King of Song!
    For all adore and love the Master Art
    That reareth his throne in temple of the heart;
    And smiteth chords of passion full and strong ...
  • To A Faded Flower
    To a violet that faded on my coat at Natchez, Miss. March 8th, 1902.

    Alas! thou lovely floweret wee, ...
  • A Bouquet
    A blossom pink, a blossom blue,
    Make all there is in love so true.
    'Tis fit, methinks, my heart to move,
    To give it thee, sweet girl, I love! ...
  • The Bachelor's Song
    While I keep my lonely hall,
    You are welcome one and all,
    As I sing my little song;
    Stay, I'll cheer you all day long - ...
  • Flag Of The Free
    Flag of the free, our sable sires
    Have borne thee oft before
    Into hot battles' hell-lit fires,
    Against the fiercest foe. ...
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