Edgar Bowers Time Poems

  • 1.

    The autumn shade is thin. Grey leaves lie faint
  • 2.
    All winter long you listened for the boom
    Of distant cannon wheeled into their place.
    Sometimes outside beneath a bombersâ?? moon
    You stood alone to watch the searchlights trace
  • 3.
    Before he wrote a poem, he learned the measure
    That living in the future gives a farm--
    Propinquity of mules and cows, the charmed
    Insouciance of hens, the fellowship,
  • 4.
    Bavaria, 1946

    The clairvoyante, a major generalâ??s wife,
  • 5.
    Her unawed face, whose pose so long assumed
    Is touched with what reality we feel,
    Bends to itself and, to itself resumed,
    Restores a tender fiction to the real.
  • 6.
    I summon up Panofskv from his bed
    Among the famous dead
    To build a tomb which, since I am not read,
    Suffers the stone-s mortality instead;
  • 7.
    With their harsh leaves old rhododendrons fill
    The crevices in grave plots' broken stones.
    The bees renew the blossoms they destroy,
    While in the burning air the pines rise still,
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