Edgar Bowers Child Poems

  • 1.

    The autumn shade is thin. Grey leaves lie faint
  • 2.
    Before he wrote a poem, he learned the measure
    That living in the future gives a farm--
    Propinquity of mules and cows, the charmed
    Insouciance of hens, the fellowship,
  • 3.
    How shall a generation know its story
    If it will know no other? When, among
    The scoffers at the Institute, Pasteur
    Heard one deny the cause of child-birth fever,
  • 4.
    Walking back to the office after lunch,
    I saw Hans. -Mister Isham, Mister Isham,�
    He called out in his hurry, -Herr Wegner needs you.
    A woman waiting for a border pass
  • 5.
    The angel of self-discipline, her guardian
    Since she first knew and had to go away
    From home that spring to have her child with strangers,
    Sustained her, till the vanished boy next door
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