Worth While Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


He doesn't care that I'm not richA
Or that I'm poorly dressedB
That I'm a toiler in the ditchA
He hasn't even guessedB
My faults that other people knowC
He doesn't even seeD
For every night with eyes aglowC
He toddles up to meD
Although I'm just a common dubE
And ordinary clayF
His cheek to mine he's glad to rubE
Before I go awayF
And every night when I returnG
He's glad as he can beD
And though but little I may earnG
He toddles up to meD
To come to me he'd leave a kingH
If one were sitting nearI
Unto no millionaire he'd clingH
If only I'd appearI
And though but tattered rags are mineJ
When I go home to teaD
With eyes that fairly beam and shineJ
He'd toddle up to meD
And so I've reason to be gladK
And reason to rejoiceL
It's worth the world to be a dadK
To be a baby's choiceL
There is no prize fame can bestowC
No joy can ever beD
So real as when with eyes aglowC
He toddles up to meD

Edgar Albert Guest


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