The Child World Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The child world is a wondrous worldA
For there the flags of hate are furledA
And there the imps of wickednessB
Cause neither sorrow nor distressC
And there is never strife for goldA
There petty gossip's never toldA
There all is joy and wondrous mirthD
The child earth is a glorious earthD
The land of childhood is aglowE
With smiles and there pink roses growE
Upon the cheeks of boys and girlsF
The golden rod is yellow curlsF
And eyes of brown and eyes of blueG
Are daisies and the violets tooG
And warm and true is every handA
That clings to yours in Childhood LandA
Who owns a spot on childhood's globeH
Envies no king his ermine robeH
Envies no sage his manners wiseI
His world is rich with glad surpriseI
The quaintest of all speech he hearsJ
The truest smiles the sweetest tearsK
Are his possessions every dayA
However troubled be his wayA
Who knows the joys of Childhood LandA
The pressure of a tiny handA
The joy that's in a babe's caressC
The soft embrace of happinessB
The sweet good nights the shouts of gleeL
That greet the morning lustilyL
Has riches those who childless liveM
To know would all their fortunes giveN

Edgar Albert Guest


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