Old Mister Laughter Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Old Mister LaughterA
Comes a grinnin' down the wayB
Singin' 'Never mind your troublesC
For they'll surely pass away 'D
Singin' 'Now the sun is shinin'E
An' there's roses everywhereF
To morrow will be soon enoughG
To fret about your care 'D
Old Mister LaughterA
Comes a grinnin' at my doorH
Singin' 'Don't go after moneyE
When you've got enough and more '-
Singin' 'Laugh with me this mornin'E
An' be happy while you mayB
What's the use of richesI
If they never let you play '-
Old Mister LaughterA
Comes a grinnin' all the timeJ
Singin' happy songs o' gladnessI
In a good old fashioned rhymeJ
Singin' 'Keep the smiles a goin'E
Till they write your epitaphK
And don't let fame or fortuneE
Ever steal away your laugh '-

Edgar Albert Guest


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sanie: Amazing!!!
srishti iddya: it is super i love keep it up
Saachi agrawal: This prom is in my book loved thisoem thankyou Edgar Albert guest to write this poem
Ahyan : Very bad poem

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