SO YOU 'RE sobbin' in the night time, an' you 're sighin' through the day,
An' your heart is ever callin' for the loved one gone away;
An' you're lonely, oh, so lonely! an' there's nothin' friends can do,
That will start the old light shinin' in those tender eyes of blue.

I 'm not goin' to try to tell you that you shouldn't sit an' sigh,
An' I 'm not the one to whisper: 'You'll feel better by an' by;'
But joy isn't everlastin1 till this earthly life is done,
If it was, no cloud would ever hide the shinin' mornin' sun.

We must sip of joy an' sorrow, we must weep an' laugh in turn,
We must win love but to lose it, an' our hearts with grief must burn;
For the lasting joys are Heaven's, we can't hope to find them here,
Every one who loves must some day weep beside a loved one's bier.

To have known love an' deserved it, is our highest point of bliss,
There 's no happiness for mortals that can greater be than this;
An' though Death conies in an' robs us of our priceless jewels, we
Who have loved an' lost know something of the joys that are to be.