Carry On Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis

Rhyme Scheme: AABC DEF GGHH

They spoke it bravely grimly in their darkest hours of doubtA
They spoke it when their hope was low and when their strength gave outA
We heard it from the dying in those troubled days now goneB
And they breathed it as their slogan for the living 'Carry on 'C
Now the days of strife are over and the skies are fair againD
But those two brave words of courage on our lips should still remainE
In the trials which beset us and the cares we look uponF
To our dead we should be faithful we have still to 'carry on '-
'Carry on ' through storm and danger 'carry on' through dark despairG
'Carry on' through hurt and failure 'carry on' through grief and careG
'Twas the slogan they bequeathed us as they fell beside the wayH
And for them and for our children let us 'carry on ' to dayH

Edgar Albert Guest


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