Bud Discusses Cleanliness Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


First thing in the morning last I hear at nightA
Get it when I come from school 'My you look a sightA
Go upstairs this minute an' roll your sleeves up highB
An' give your hands a scrubbing and wipe 'em till they're dryB
Now don't stand there and argue and never mind your tearsC
And this time please remember to wash your neck and ears 'D
Can't see why ears grow on us all crinkled like a shellE
With lots of fancy carvings that make a feller yellE
Each time his Ma digs in them to get a speck of dirtF
When plain ones would be easy to wash and wouldn't hurtF
And I can't see the reason why every time Ma nearsG
She thinks she's got to send me to wash my neck and earsG
I never wash to suit her don't think I ever willH
If I was white as sister she'd call me dirty stillH
At night I get a scrubbing and go to bed and thenI
The first thing in the morning she makes me wash againI
That strikes me as ridiklus I've thought of it a heapJ
A feller can't get dirty when he is fast asleepJ
When I grow up to be a man like Pa and have a wifeK
And kids to boss around you bet they'll have an easy lifeK
We won't be at them all the time the way they keep at meL
And kick about a little dirt that no one else can seeL
And every night at supper time as soon as he appearsG
We will not chase our boy away to wash his neck and earsG

Edgar Albert Guest


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