Bribed Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I know that what I did was wrongA
I should have sent you far awayB
You tempted me and I'm not strongA
I tried but couldn't answer nayB
I should have packed you off to bedC
Instead I let you stay awhileD
And mother scolded when I saidC
That you had bribed me with your smileD
And yesterday I gave to youE
Another piece of chocolate cakeF
Some red ripe watermelon tooE
And that gave you the stomach acheF
And that was after I'd been toldG
You'd had enough you saucy missH
You tempted me you five year oldG
And bribed me with a hug and kissH
And mother said I mustn't getI
You roller skates yet here they areJ
I haven't dared to tell her yetI
Some time she says I'll go too farJ
I gave my word I wouldn't buyK
These things for accidents she fearsL
Now I must tell when questioned whyK
Just how you bribed me with your tearsM
I've tried so hard to do the rightN
Yet I have broken every vowO
I let you do most every nightN
The things your mother won't allowO
I know that I am doing wrongA
Yet all my sense of honor fliesP
The moment that you come alongA
And bribe me with those wondrous eyesP

Edgar Albert Guest


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