A New Year's Song Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Love and laughter lead youA
Down the pathways of the yearB
And may each morning feed youA
From the golden spoon of cheerB
May every eye be shiningC
And every cheek aglowD
And may the silver liningC
Of the clouds forever showD
May peace and plenty find youA
May pain and grief departE
And may you leave behind youA
The little cares that smartE
May no day be distressfulD
No night be filled with woeD
And may you be successfulD
Wherever you may goD
May June bring you her rosesF
May summer poppies bloomG
And may each day that closesF
Be fragrant with perfumeG
May you have no regrettingC
When evening is begunH
No vain and idle frettingC
O'er what you might have doneH
May envy quit your dwellingC
And hatred leave your heartE
May you rejoice in tellingC
Your brother's better partE
May you be glad you're livingC
However dark your wayI
And find your joy in givingC
Your service to the dayI

Edgar Albert Guest


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