A Good Soldier Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


He writes to us most every day and how his letters thrill usA
I can't describe the joys with which his quaint expressions fill usA
He says the military life is not of his selectionB
He's only soldiering to day to give the Flag protectionB
But since he's in the army now and doing duties humbleC
He'll do what all good soldiers must and he will never grumbleC
He's not so keen for standing guard a lonely vigil keepingD
'But when I must ' he writes to us 'they'll never find me sleepingD
I hear a lot of boys complain about the tasks they set usA
And there's no doubt that mother's meals can beat the ones they get usA
But since I'm here to do my bit close to the job I'm stickingD
I'll take whatever comes my way and waste no word in kickingD
'I'd like to be a captain dad a major or a colonelC
I'd like to get my picture in some illustrated journalC
I don't exactly fancy jobs that now and then come my wayE
Like picking bits of rubbish up that desecrate the highwayE
But still I'll do those menial tasks as cheerfully as could oneB
For while I am a private here I'm going to be a good oneB
'A soldier's life is not the way I'd choose to make my livingD
But now I'm in the ranks to serve my best to it I'm givingD
Oh I could name a dozen jobs that I'd consider finerF
But since I've got this one to do I'll never be a whinerF
I'm just a private in the ranks but take it from my letterF
They'll never fire your son for one who'll do his duty better '-

Edgar Albert Guest


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