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Jakujin: The promised epoch, like a star, Shines very bright and very far, But nothing shall its lustre mar, Though distant yet. If I, in vain, must sit and wait, To realize our future state, I shall not be disconsolate, My cigarette! --Dollie Radford

iswearenglish: Dollie Radford The Snow Queen - Reading Examples Analysis - The Snow Queen Dollie Radford 1858-1920

rk70534: NEITO PIENI Dollie Radford(1858-1920)

Kairpra: 'Spring Time' by Dollie Radford. In the distant woods are blowing Tender buds and blossoms sweet, Fragrant leaves and grasses glowing From the touch of Fairy feet. In the woods a spirit singing Stays and touches every tree, And to loving branches clinging Flowers open tremblingly

Lost_Visions: “Are you happy Lucy On the ground? Shall I sit beside you, And around Spread my playthings old & new Quite close to you?” RADFORD, Dollie. Songs for Somebody. Pictured by G. M. B[radley] 1893

consertum: But dear, from your November rose To-night a deeper memory grows, Than friend's or lover's. Deep as the knowledge is to be, When my last slumber carefully The brown earth covers. Dollie Radford (1858-1920)

theodoragoss: Dollie Radford, "A Ballad of Victory" Charlotte Perkins Gilman, "When I Was a Witch" Elinor Wylie, "Atavism," "The Fairy Goldsmith," "Madman's Song" Virginia Woolf, "A Haunted House"

laurabang: And silently through all the hours, The trees have borne their magic flowers, And now stand up with dauntless head,...

JulzCasanova: Dear academics! I'm trying to gather 1880-90s poems by New Women on cigarettes/smoking (e.g. Dollie Radford's "A Novice"). Any suggestions?

jadtdammy007: Here's a poem by Dollie Radford called "December" No gardener need go far to find The Christmas rose, The...

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