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Sir Walter Raleigh (; c. 1552 – 29 October 1618) was an English statesman, soldier, writer, explorer, and a favourite courtier of Queen Elizabeth I. One of the most notable figures of the Elizabethan era, he played a leading part in English colonisation of North America, suppressed rebellion in Ireland, helped defend England against the Spanish Armada and held political positions under Elizabeth I.

Raleigh was born to a Protestant family in Devon, the son of Walter Raleigh and Catherine Champernowne. He was the younger half-brother of Sir Humphrey Gilbert and a cousin of Sir Richard Grenville. Little is known of his early life, though in his late teens he spent some time in France taking part in the religious civil wars. In his 20s he took part in the suppression of rebellion ...
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Sir Walter Raleigh Poems

  • To A Lady With An Unruly And Ill-mannered Dog Who Bit Several Persons Of Importance
    Your dog is not a dog of grace;
    He does not wag the tail or beg;
    He bit Miss Dickson in the face;
    He bit a Bailie in the leg. ...
  • Sir Walter Raleigh (the Night Before His Death)
    Even such is time, which takes in trust
    Our youth, our joys, and all we have,
    And pays us nought but age and dust;
    Which in the dark and silent grave, ...
  • The Ocean To Cynthia
    But stay, my thoughts, make end, give fortune way ;
    Harsh is the voice of woe and sorrow's sound ;
    Complaints cure not, and tears do but allay
    Griefs for a time, which after more abound. ...
  • Stans Puer Ad Mensam
    Attend my words, my gentle knave,
    And you shall learn from me
    How boys at dinner may behave
    With due propriety. ...
  • Hymn
    Rise, O my soul! with thy desires to heaven,
    And with divinest contemplation use
    Thy time, when time's eternity is given,
    And let vain thoughts no more thy thoughts abuse; ...
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Time 16 I Love You 16 Love 16 Mind 11 Life 10 Silent 10 Heart 10 Heaven 10 True 10 Live 9

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On_slog: sir walter raleigh. good to save lives.
Edgardlemaire: "...where we spent two or three days, and relieved our companies with some fresh meat. from thence we coasted by the grand canaria, and so to teneriffe, and stayed there for the lion's whelp, your lordship's ship, and for captain amyas preston and the rest." - sir walter raleigh
Welfordwrites: sir walter raleigh to his son, a poem by sir walter raleigh. a 12-line poem with a clear message, plus two unnecessary extra lines.
Zombyboy: a lot of easy answers, but here's one you don't hear often on the radio: "i'm so tired" -
On_slog: sir walter raleigh. good taste for beds.
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