I am Dikachi Nwankwo.
I wrote this when I was 13.
For all those
who long for a better life
but are embattled, wallowing in sorrow, poverty,
or just the life they don’t deserve.

Topic: The dreamer

Now I sit before the throne;
He kingdom, courtyards, now my own;
On me, the best armour, sword and crown;
And by my side, the danai princess in a charming gown;

Our love makes me forget all my loses;
That made my heart grow so dark;
Now we ride and play on horses;
Yours the white, mine the black;

Before the alter!
‘I do' the only words to utter;
With the love and cheering of the people;
Oh! Love made my heart ripple;

But will I die dwelling in fake fantasies;
Or live facing life’s realities;
Lo! I’m just a servant;
Clothed in a dirty and old- fashioned raiment;