So I try to assemble my thoughts on a piece of paper
There are so many and so much
One can be discussed, and the rest maybe later .
Struggling in life to have job
Average but trying to look decent
Never ending twenty four hour craving for food
Also sometimes to meet people who are really good
By good i mean someone special
A Rahul? A Raj? Or a prince
Yuck!! These kind of feelings stinks.
Whom to blame ?
Exaggerated movies? Romantic scenes?
Or just the catchy tunes who makes us daydream
But then i stop i stop myself violently
No its wrong, you have a career to look upon
You have a family to feed, dont even think about doing that deed
There's too much in the world going on
Hunger, violence, accidents, poverty, damages and storms
Looking above all those feelings in me
Will work for happiness and peace in everything I see.