I Died To Live Again Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Evening smile must be wornA
Tonight's dinner is servedB
With the drumming of their gunsC
Battalion of thirsty soldiers are on the vergeD
To spill their milk in the pot of a broken womanE
But the night will never stayF
Soon the echoes of their drummingG
Will dissolve into the airH
And day shall bring to light their whispersI
Their mocking and scornful looks shall echo my namesJ
Shameless adulterous and ungodlyK
I wish they encounter the wind that drifted meK
Away from the light of my early daysL
This hotel was once a templeM
Nurtured within the breaths of my parentsN
Not long before they left in their sleepO
The infinity of their absence clung to my shoulderP
Till I came to the edge of my cryQ
And there was no one to bring me an handkerchiefR
So I traded my pride and I died to live againS

Dauda Tholley
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/17/2019


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