The wondering question of life it seems,
or the missing link of forgotten dreams.
Highlights of careless joys as leap,
when the soul feels the strain in deep.
The resistless hour always on the move,
for waking hearts and the surge after love.
Existence by passion that is longing for things,
extorting to be only sufferings.
Tempered energies to overcome all fears,
conflict and disturbed dreams for years.
When fierce desire become worn with strive,
knowing somehow that is not my life.
Camouflaged images on all level of dreams,
defense mechanisms to censor of what seems.
The ego does not want to recognize,
multiple stories in one self to rationalize.
The dreamer and seer by selflessness observed,
natural complete feelings preserved.
Fingerprints of dreams close to heart,
prophecies towards providence depart.