When i first met you i should've walked away
You were a lost soul searching for answers and then i came your way
I was the one who was suppose to show you a new way of life
But all i did was fail myself and you and that makes me want to slice my throat with a knife
Id finally met the love of my life ,the one id waited so long for the one who would become my wife
But i failed to do what she needed the most and was blinded by a feeling that cost money and gave false hope
The one thing that can destroy families and my life with you
I become part of, and then all of a sudden i had no clue
So right now i sit here in self pity and pain ,and wonder should i just go to the train tracks and jump out in front of a train
Ive failed myself and ive failed you,all because i didnt do what i was meant to do
So ive come to the desicion not to run away and hide
Im changing things completely and taking away this horrendous pain that im carrying inside
So as im standing right here on the edge of the bed with a rope around my neck which is the colour of red
Please forgive me,but im better off gone