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malaisebot: “On the day the world ends, a bee circles a clover, a fisherman mends a glimmering net. Happy porpoises jump in the sea. By the rainspout, young sparrows are playing, and the snake is gold-skinned as it should always be.” - A Song on the End of the World by Czeslaw Milosz

yeredngesa: Polish Nobel Laureate Czeslaw Milosz: A true opium of the people is a belief in nothingness after death — the huge solace of thinking that for our betrayals, greed, cowardice, and murders, we are not going to be judged.

Dilan_A7: “The bright side of the planet moves toward darknessAnd the cities are falling asleep, each in its hour,And for me, now as then, it is too much.There is too much world.” ~ Czeslaw Milosz The Separate Notebooks

johnshaplin: The link is no longer active johnshaplin: The Advisor by Czeslaw Milosz

jasonwblakely: The great polish poet—Czeslaw Milosz—on Washington, D.C. as a city upon first visiting in 1946: "an impersonal machine, a pure abstraction."

wanderingsag: What has no shadow has no strength to live ~Czeslaw Milosz

apamrendra: Poetry's sole purpose---witness. This poem serves well. In the middle of the road by Carlos Drummond De Andrade. from A Book Of Luminous Things, an anthology edited by Czeslaw Milosz

hawkstar5000: 'The wings of desire for the transcendent have been cut, and we have forgotten that they are even there.'

dooyeweerdian: Czeslaw Milosz on “Religion opium for the people”: “To those suffering pain, humiliation, illness, and serfdom,it/promised a reward/in an afterlife. And now we/are witnessing a transformation.

SundayPaints: “He returns years later, has no demands. He wants only one, most precious thing: To see, purely and simply, without name, Without expectations, fears, or hopes, At the edge where there is no I or not-I.” Czesław Miłosz

StreetsofC: Hope is with you when you believe The earth is not a dream but living flesh, That sight, touch, and hearing do not lie, That all things you have ever seen here Are like a garden looked at from a gate. You cannot enter. But you're sure it's there. - Czesław Miłosz Photo: Chicago

H93673126: When it hurts we return to the banks of certain rivers . Czeslaw Milosz.

settofaze: We wanted to confess our sins but there were no takers. — Czeslaw Milosz

Mathias8Wolf: The war in Ukraine was a frequently referred to, one speaker cited Czesław Miłosz that It still makes sense to plant apple trees (and to plant letters into book pages?) even if the world were to end tomorrow. The presence of +- 60 guests from Ukraine underlines the attention

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