The Mirror In The Hall Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The rich house had in the hallA
An enormous mirror very oldB
Bought at least eighty years agoC
A very handsome boy assistant at a tailor sD
On Sundays an amateur athleteE
Was standing there with a parcel He handed itF
To someone of the house and he took it insideG
To fetch the receipt The tailor s assistantH
Was left alone and waitedI
He went up to the mirror and began to look at himselfJ
And put his tie straight After five minutesK
They brought him the receipt He took it and went awayL
But the old mirror which had seen and seenM
In the many years it had beenN
In existence thousands of things and facesO
The old mirror was glad nowP
And was proud to have received upon itselfJ
That entire beauty for a few minutesK

Constantine P. Cavafy


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