Simeon Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Yes I know his new poemsA
all Beirut is raving about themB
I'll study them some other dayC
I can't today because I'm rather upsetD
Certainly he's more learned in Greek than LibaniusA
A better poet than Meleager though I wouldn't say soA
But Mebis why talk about LibaniusA
and books and all these trivialitiesA
Mebis yesterday it happened by chanceA
I found myself under Simeon's pillarE
I slipped in among the ChristiansA
praying and worshipping in silence thereF
revering him Not being a Christian myselfG
I couldn't share their spiritual peaceA
I trembled all over and sufferedH
I shuddered disturbed completely caught upI
Please don't smile for thirty five years think of itJ
winter and summer night and day for thirty five yearsA
he's been living suffering on top of a pillarE
Before either of us was born I'm twenty nineK
you must be younger than meL
before we were born just imagine itJ
Simeon climbed up his pillarE
and has stayed there ever since facing GodM
I'm in no mood for work todayC
but Mebis I think it better that you tell them thisA
whatever the other sophists may sayC
I at least recognize LamonN
as Syria's leading poetO

Constantine P. Cavafy


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