Senlin, A Biography: Part 01: His Dark Origins - 01 Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Senlin sits before us and we see himA
He smokes his pipe before us and we hear himA
Is he small with reddish hairB
Does he light his pipe with meditative stareB
And a pointed flame reflected in both eyesC
Is he sad and happy and foolish and wiseC
Did no one see him enter the doors of the cityD
Looking above him at the roofs and trees and skiesC
'I stepped from a cloud' he says 'as evening fellE
I walked on the sound of a bellE
I ran with winged heels along a gustF
Or is it true that I laughed and sprang from dustF
Has no one in a great autumnal forestF
When the wind bares the treesG
Heard the sad horn of Senlin slowly blownH
Has no one on a mountain in the springI
Heard Senlin singI
Perhaps I came alone on a snow white horseJ
Riding alone from the deep starred nightK
Perhaps I came on a ship whose sails were musicL
Sailing from moon or sun on a river of light 'M
He lights his pipe with a pointed flameN
'Yet there were many autumns before I cameN
And many springs And more will come long afterO
There is no horn for me or song or laughterO
The city dissolves about us and its wallsP
Become an ancient forest There is no soundQ
Except where an old twig tires and fallsP
Or a lizard among the dead leaves crawlsP
Or a flutter is heard in darkness along the groundQ
Has Senlin become a forest Do we walk in SenlinH
Is Senlin the wood we walk in ourselves the worldR
Senlin we cry Senlin again No answerO
Only soft broken echoes backward whirledR
Yet we would say this is no wood at allS
But a small white room with a lamp upon the wallS
And Senlin before us pale with reddish hairB
Lights his pipe with a meditative stareB

Conrad Potter Aiken


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