Adieu to leadership of old
Where grey hairs sit in power for ages,
Paradise turn dungeon
Birds wail like children.

Our water taste blood
Plants decay in the soil,
Country ravaged by herdsmen,
Hunger our daily nightmare.

The leaders,
Jump from East to south,
West to North;
Neglecting their campaign promises.

Oh Heaven, come to our aid!
We are tired of our alive-dead leaders,
Daily they cook up sweet-lies
Today they are here again,
To feed us with cooked lies,
Religion their weapon of welfare.

Awake oh youth!
Hearken to the voices of trousers and skirts,
Under oppression,
This season will birth a new Nigeria
A call for Renaissance.

Fear has become a signpost
Here and there,
Children no longer play,
At moonlight
A blessed country,
But her citizens are beggers on the streets.