"No, please, stop, I don't want to go over this again", but it said
"just one more, it wouldn't strain a muscle. It's not the first time remember?"
How sad i gave into desires, known to my soul as unclean
Raped by my urges. Lonliness, shame, disgust, worthlessness are what I know.
Naked I feel despite clothed
Dirty I smell wearing that dope cologne
"Haba!" the elders exclaim, "kilode?"
Far from the person I want to be I have become.
In this lowly state of mine I cry, but even the tears are ashamed
I try to stand but guilt pulls me down like a soiled daiper
Heaven looks on in disappointment as one star loses its prideful glow
Sheol is preparing another platform for one slowly staggering to it.
Wait a minut, did I just think of dying?
Hell no! "Don't give up", sang Sia and Lamar, how dark it is to dwell here alone.
Something just struck me, it's Kelly's line about the storm- it's goin' to be over
"Make you no tire", says the scriptures. Relieved and strengthened I become
I spoke to this thorn in mortal flesh, " I would see your end",
It laughed and said, " how's that goin' to be, cos I've been around as long as i can remember?
In a calm tone I reply, "watch me do this, not like you are used to, but with God on the wheels".
I don't care if I loose many battles, with the almighty besides me,
I'm going to win this war.