Clara Doty Bates Fast Poems

  • 1.

    Come, see how the ladies ride,
    All so pretty, all so gay,
  • 2.
    Dame Spider had spun herself lank and thin
    With trying to take her neighbors in;
    Grasshopper had traveled so far and so fast
    That he found he must give up at last;
  • 3.
    Versified by Mrs. Clara Doty Bates.

    Silver Locks was a little girl,
  • 4.
    What was Bo-Peep? Can anyone guess?
    Why, little Bo-Peep was a shepherdess!
    And she dressed in a short white petticoat,
    And a kirtle of blue, with a looped-up look,
  • 5.
    By Clara Doty Bates.

    One sunny day, in the early spring,
  • 6.
    Versified by Mrs. Clara Doty Bates.

    A miller had three sons,
  • 7.
    Knit, knit, knit, knit!
    See old white-capped Pussy sit,
    Fairly gray with worry and care,
    In her little straight-backed rocking-chair?
  • 8.
    Versified by Mrs. Clara Doty Bates.

    Two-Shoes, Two-Shoes,
  • 9.
    Once on a time there was a fagot-maker,
    And he had seven sons.
    Who could be aught but poor to feed and shelter
    So many little ones?
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