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  • The Baptism Of Clovis
    Five hundred years have nearly passed away
    Since that glad morn, when o'er fair Bethl'hem's plain
    A light resplendent as the glow of day,
    Shone down from heaven, and holy angels deign ...
  • Beautiful Sky
    O beautiful sky of every hue;

    Golden and purple, crimson and blue,
    With some sombre lines thrown in between, ...
  • Aspiration
    I stand to-day on higher ground
    Than ever reached before,
    Yet from this summit I have found,
    Outlined full many more, ...
  • To Mr. Rudyard Kipling[1]
    True laureate of the Anglo-Saxon race,
    Whose words have won the hearts of young and old;
    So free from cant, and yet replete with grace,
    Or prose or verse it glows like burnished gold; ...
  • Tread Softly
    In the courts of truth tread softly,
    Though your tread be firm and bold;
    Your steps may awaken echoes,
    Resounding through years untold. ...
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